Market Cap Media Corp.


Market Cap Media Corporation is dedicated to seeing investors and public companies come together. We offer proprietary marketing and promotional services for emerging public companies that need to get their message in front of the investment community. We know that no two companies are alike, and each company faces different challenges. Our approach is to custom tailor each campaign to suit the needs, goals, and budget of each individual client.  We can offer these unique solutions for your company through our access to specialized expertise in virtually every aspect of online and offline marketing.  Our talent and resources are optimized for your unique and individual situation.

Our core suite of client services currently includes:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Investor Email Campaigns
  • Investor Outreach (Investor Relations)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Investor Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Investor Relations – “Live Chat”
  • Web Consulting
  • Web Development
  • SEO Website Optimization
  • CEO Interviews and Webcast
  • Marketwire Announcement of your profile

We understand that a common frustration among emerging public companies is the difficulty in gaining exposure and notice by the investment community, no matter how much potential they have. By providing timely and relevant information about your company and packaging this information professionally in unique publicity and awareness campaigns, we help you build relationships with investors, with the ultimate goal of creating a shareholder base that will impact your stock long term.

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