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About Our Unique, Targeted Media Campaigns

When Market Cap Media Corp. starts an Internet media campaign, we first have our writers design a customized profile to highlight your company and message. This profile along with quotes, news, and charts on your company will then be placed on our online newsletter website "The Dore Report" and will also be included on our main investor portal "" as a Featured Company. We then create a custom Google Adwords® program for your company's stock profile page and target people interested in mining stocks which we constantly maintain and update. Additional advertising channels include Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube,, Nasdaq,, Dow Jones, Silicon Investor, Business Week, as well as through the social media channels of FaceBook and Twitter. Our CEO Interviews are also posted so you can speak forcefully and directly to your audience. 

As a value-added bonus, we design and post a specially-made banner linking to your profile on 20 of our investor websites that target mining and resource interested investors. These websites encourage visitors to sign up for more information on our profiled companies, and in turn we pass those leads on to your IR department for the term of your contract.   You can also opt to receive 'surges' of visitors to your profile at times of your choosing to synchronize with the other promotional methods being used. Everything is documented so you can see what's written, where it's placed, where the investors are coming from, and where the info is being viewed. Your investor relations team will have live chat access to visitors reading your profile on As a value add we offer all announcements made on behalf of your company will be sent out to our members “Live Alert” software, which is real time and viewed faster than email.  This is a true, 100% proven targeted stock awareness campaign.

Investor Email Campaigns

Most small publicly held companies do not receive the same exposure as a fortune 500 company. Email Marketing remains one of the most effective ways to advertise on the Internet. However, as the usage of this method becomes saturated, it becomes increasingly difficult to launch a successful email campaign. Today there are also regulations that create various boundaries on this form of marketing. In addition, there is competition that serves to minimize your exposure. Many companies are finding it more difficult to keep up with the trends and need to turn to professionals for results. We know and understand this.  Our awareness programs at Market Cap Media over comes this by sourcing investors that actually want information on your company and showing them compelling and professional content.  We offer all the resources needed to optimize your email marketing campaign and the targeted message and data to get results.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing approach is essential to any awareness campaign and we are an industry LEADER in this new space.. We have developed the knowledge and resources to deliver your important Investment information, including stock alerts, investor awareness news and press release coverage through Facebook, Twitter and our proprietary news alert system called “Live Alert”.

CEO Interviews/WebCast

Every smart investor knows that one of the best ways to learn about a company is to obtain information right from the authoritative source – company executives. Market Cap Media will arrange an interview or multiple interviews with your executives to purposely answer the questions that existing investors and potential new investors always have. Our team will create a list of issues and questions that can best be used to eliminate concerns that investors may have and instil confidence in your company and its strategic direction.  Interviews will be placed on the website and attached to emails sent to and the subscriber base. The CEO interview can also be sent to your shareholder base and posted on your own website to enrich your existing content.

Website Consulting and Design Services

As a full service Internet marketing firm, we can cover all of your web-service needs. We specialize in graphic design, layout, contact forms, live IR chat, and social media. Everything you need to keep your firms website up to date and current. In addition, using keywords, our team works constantly to optimize your web sites presence on search engines, ensuring that prospective investors get to hear what your company is about directly from you.

Contact us for a free consultation, and together we can design a professional, custom marketing campaign that will put your company in front of the right audience with the messages they will appreciate.

Investor Direct Mail Campaigns

The content that our team creates for your company easily lends itself to “print” and we also provide turnkey direct mail campaigns for clients geared to our targeted groups of Investors. We understand the messages that investors respond to and can communicate your company’s value proposition via this medium very effectively. By owning the data we have the ability to target by geography, investor preference, and other specific categories. We can also create a powerful and integrated postal and follow up email campaign to the same investor group, which should yield a much higher open percentage of email and mail ultimately driving more investors to your company. Although it may seem that all the focus in on the Internet these days, there is still much more to marketing than just the Internet. Offline marketing techniques still work, and work well. Direct mail is still one of the best forms of investor awareness today. Unfortunately, this awareness option is out of reach for most companies due to the high price associated with postal service. At Market Cap Media, we can work with your budget to create a custom direct mail campaign – and because it reaches such a targeted audience - delivers real, interested investors that make a direct mail program cost effective!

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